COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Prayers


Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Our world has been hit by a spirit of infirmity in a plague since.  This COVID-19 disease has caused a lot of different emotions and uncertainties.  I just wanted to post a prayer for our nation because God hears the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous.  All believers should be praying at this time.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Forgive us of our sins across the world.  You are El Roi the God who sees us.  But you are the God who sees and intervenes, you don’t just watch.  I ask you now to intervene on our behalf.  Cause there to be less death and more living.  Help those recover that have contracted the virus.  Help our bodies fight this sickness.  You are Elohim you created us to live.  You said in your word you see us in our blood and we repent and ask you to cover us with your Glory.  Heal our infirmity God.  Speak life to us oh God in the midst of all this death.  We want to live and not die although you have appointed a time for a person to die.  Lord Jesus you came with healing in your wings and we need your healing virtue in us that we will live and not die.

We have never seen death in such numbers.  Comfort those Oh, God who have lost loved ones around the world.  Give them a spirit of joy for the spirit of heaviness.  You see the blackness of our souls.  The mourning that comes in difficult, unforeseen times.  We need your comfort for those that have lost loved ones and for those that don’t serve you because as believers we know your love is waiting for us after death.

God you are our Savior and you sent your son for our salvation.  We know Jesus as our Savior and I know you Almighty God as the God who saves in every situation.  Save us now Oh, God.  Save us in this sickness that has hit our world.  Save us Elohim our Creator and Maker, we want to live even as you created us to live.  Speak “live” to your creation and let the number of deaths decrease and the number of living increase.  Let us recover well from this ailment in the world.  

In Jesus Christ Holy and Precious Name. Amen

Please find comfort and hope that there are many that have recovered from this virus than have died.  Don’t let the death tolls bring you to a place of fear and hopelessness.  Many, Many more have recovered than have gone asleep.

Peace & Blessings to you all,

Christ’s Ambassador & Prophetess, Pastor Nichole Reddick, Elder in the Faith