Fortification, New Year


Greetings in the Name of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ,

I pray that you have a blessed year. The New Year brings a year of Fortification. We will be fortifying our hearts and hearts of others against the Spirit of Pharaoh in Egypt and Nineveh during the next 10 days and throughout the year. This spirit is identified as the spirit of divination or the python spirit. The other spirit is the viper spirit and they are both of the family of the flying fiery serpent: the dragon. It is relevant and has a stronghold in our country as well as other countries also in our churches and God has uncovered their skirts. To read more on Fortification for the Year 2021 click the hyperlink below:

Peace & Blessings,

Originating Pastor, Seer Apostle Nichole Reddick, Bishop of the Faith