Fortification, New Year

Fortification X

Greetings in the Name of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ,

I pray this fast has been empowering to you as we complete our last day. After we have been made firm, strengthened, and supported by God, we can now Be Obdurate and Repair in God’s kingdom. The Lord our God will make us stubborn, inflexible to his will and his way. We will not turn from him but be like stones even as Jesus is the Chief Corner Stone. He Fortifies us to fortify others and war a good warfare against demonic forces. We can war a good warfare against the spirits of divination and the viper spirits we face. To study the last words for our last day of fasting on Fortification for the Year 2021 click the hyperlink below:

Peace & Blessings,

Originating Pastor, Seer Apostle Nichole Reddick, Bishop of the Faith