Seers: God's Prophets & Apostles or Satan's Diviners

Seers: God’s Prophets & Apostles or Satan’s Diviners IV

Greetings in the Name of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ,

I pray you have a blessed week. Seers are in today’s time as in biblical time. God’s Word shows us two paths to the way of life the straight and narrow path or the broad path. In this past month, we have learned the difference between God’s Prophets and Apostles and Satan’s Diviners by the Word of God. This is the final epistle on Seer’s God’s Prophets & Apostles or Satan’s Diviners. Click below to be empowered and enlightened by Seers: Satan Diviners – Wolves in Sheep Clothes:

Peace & Blessings,

Apostle Nichole Reddick