Build by Charity, Building Your Spiritual House

Building Your Spiritual House III

Greetings in the Name of the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ,

This month we have been revisiting the epistle, the written teaching/letter, on Building Your Spiritual House. I am teaching on the third way we must build by Charity. Charity is the Agape of God and it is how God perfects us in love. We must understand to edify by Charity we must respond in the way God responded to us in giving us his Son, Jesus Christ someone we needed not someone we wanted. Click the hyperlinks below to be empowered more by the written epistle and/or the preached word on Building Your Spiritual House IV: Build by Charity:


Audio Preaching:
Build by Charity

Peace & Blessings,

Apostle Nichole Reddick

Biblical Heart of Love
A Husband's Love, The Heart

The Heart II

Greetings in the Name of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ,

I pray you have a blessed week. This week’s epistle on the Heart gives us a perspective of the Husband’s love towards his wife and the love they are to share only between one another. A covenant marraige should cause the husband to sanctify his wife even as Christ sanctifies the church. Husbands and wives are to submit themselves one to another representing the mystery of Christ to the Church. Click the hyperlink below to read more on the Heart: A Husband’s Love:

Peace & Blessings,

Originating Pastor, Seer Apostle Nichole Reddick, Bishop of the Faith