Christ Jesus the Apostle, CSAM 83-2073066;11351995, CSAM Church Bible Study, Master Apostle N Reddick Presiding, Present Associate Pastor Prophetess King

Christ the Apostle. Master Apostle N Reddick Presiding CSAM Church’s Bible Study

Christ the Apostle

The Lord Christ Greets You,

The Chief Shepherd and Bishop sub sermon precept. Present: Master Prophet AS King, and to the 1st Viewer Live Stream on YouTube: Thank You for Viewing! Peace & Blessings in and through the Holy Ghost, God’s Spirit Leading you in God’s Power and Agape.

In Christ, Master Apostle N Reddick

Audio Preaching, The Sound of the Archangel, The Sound of the Lord's Voice

The Sound of the Lord’s Voice IV

Greetings in the Name of Our Potentate Kings: God the Father and Jesus Christ his Son,

I pray your week has been blessed. The Sound of the Archangel, will you be able to hear his sound, his voice. The Sound of the Archangel is the sound of Thunder from Christ: The call to gather and to receive or perceive his message. It is the sound of many waters of the one in Malachi 4 that comes with healing in his wings. Click the hyperlink below to be strengthened and empowered more in hearing with understanding The Sound of the Lord’s Voice IV:

The Sound of the Archangel

Peace & Blessings,

Apostle Nichole Reddick, In Christ Agape